Another month in the books. This past month has been one of the craziest, most productive months so far for the year. Filled with many highs and some lows as well. This was my first full month of the One Year Goal challenge and so far the hard work has been paying off.

As I have done before, I wanted to share with you my favorite things I’ve been using this month. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or if you do try any of these. I love these kinds of posts because I’m constantly finding out about new things to try.

So as I reflect on the happenings of my last month, let’s get into my May Favorites!

So over the last year, I have really gotten into the occasional slight face beat…lol. I decided that I needed to invest in a few new brushes but I really didn’t want to spend a ton of money. I didn’t even know that NYX had a new brush line and I was so excited because a lot of my makeup is from NYX. I got the fan shipped brush for applying bronzer and highlight and a concealer brush for blending under my eyes. These brushes are amazing and they look super classy too. Although I am a fan of Elf I would say that these would be your next choice as far as price point and quality. I used them to achieve this look below.


So this month I started wearing my hair mostly natural again. As the humidity starts kicking up Charlotte, I can forget keeping my hair straight. So I purchased a new product and repurchased an oldie but goodie and so far they have been showing my curls nothing but love. I’ve been asked by a few people on my combo and it’s really simple. It’s 3 products + a leave in conditioner.

I can get into more detail of the process I actually go through in a later post. I use the Carols Daughter Black Vanilla leave in condition. Then for my styling I use coconut oil (Trader Joes), Culs Creme Brule, and Miss Jessie’s, Jelly Soft Curls Gel.
That’s it! I rake the products through each section, let it air dry and BAM——poppin curls! I purchased both of these products from Target!

Natural Hair products

Tessemae’s Honey Balsamic Dressing and Marinade
So I first found out about this brand when I was on the Whole 30 diet. They have a full line of products that are whole 30 approved which is great. They also have products that are all gluten free, soy free, sugar free, etc. What I love about these products is that they actually taste amazing!!! Another favorite of mine is the Organic Lemon Garlic. I put these on my salads as a dressing but they are also great as dipping sauces and marinades!! If you are looking for something new and healthy to try this is a great flavorful choice!


So at the end of April I attended a brunch for women looking to level up in life. The Level Up Sis brunch was my very first “blogger” event and I got so much more out of it than just brunch. To be in a room surrounded with like-minded women that are on a similar journey was amazing. The gems that they dropped during our time was priceless. The event was hosted by the blogger duo, Brandi and Kenya of Pretty Girl, Smarter Women. Check their blog out, they cover all of life’s topics from love, empowerment, beauty, business tips and more!!
Now the event was enough to make me satisfied but then they started a Level Up Sis FB group! All I will say is that the women of this group are so motivating. They are genuinely there to uplift one another and it’s like nothing I’ve ever been part of. If you are a women looking to build your tribe, share your experiences, and get motivated I HIGHLY recommend checking them out! This group is amazing and I am so grateful that I crossed paths with these women.

Level Up Sis

While May was one of the most productive months for me, it ended with a bit of drama. I was let go from my job with no warning or proper reasoning, etc. It’s difficult but I have really built up my faith in God and I know that there is a plan for me. I have since been focusing on my true passions of inspiring all of you and building my business empire! I am confident that all things happen for a reason and this is my true lesson. I have never been more positive about something like this in my life. Faith is amazing when you’re armed in it. I shared this to say that if you are going through a rough patch of any sort or even the same as me…it WILL get better. TRUST!

I hope that you have a wonderful month and now it’s time for us to do it all over again for June! I can’t end this without saying that if you haven’t already check out The Self Love Project! It is an online workshop that I have created for boosting confidence, combating self-doubt, and crushing life goals! It’s free and good for the soul. Check out more information and sign up today, it start this Sunday, June 4th!!

Best Wishes,