It has been forever since I’ve posted here. It’s so exciting to finally be sharing this news! The last three months have been full of so many ups and downs. Finding out I’m pregnant was such an anticipated moment that built up from over a year ago.

So in September of 2016 we got married and at that point I was beyond over being on birth control. So, we fully accepted the fact that a baby could be on the way at any point. And as many women know, once the possibility opens up, it’s hard not to get slightly obsessed with the thought. All of the questions start… When is the right time to try getting pregnant? When do I ovulate? How long does it take for birth control to get out of your system? Should I take a pregnancy test? For some reason when you know that your “trying” it just changes you…. Let’s just say my Google search was going crazy…which in return had me going crazy. After a few months of no luck, I decided to download an ovulation app to help me with tracking everything because it can be hard — trust me.


Like most for so long, I was used to avoiding pregnancy AT ALL COSTS. So this was the complete opposite of anything I’d ever known.


So, a few months turned into over a year and still — NOTHING.


I tried out a few different ovulation apps to see if they could help. After a while I was starting to think maybe there was something wrong with me. I’d heard stories of people just missing one birth control pill and getting pregnant right away without even trying. I didn’t get why it was such a long awaited process for me. I now know that I probably wasn’t even ready at that time take on what comes with being pregnant. And that’s the biggest takeaway with that struggle…your time will come in time. It will not always go as quickly as you want and sometimes that can be a blessing in disguise.


So in October of 2017,  we moved to New Mexico (super random, and a story for another time) and I decided to try out a different app. I felt like Ovia, the app I was using was off or something – It had to be right? So I started using the Glow app..right away I noticed that my ovulation dates were slightly off, which might explain the delay on getting pregnant.


SO fast forward to December 28, 2018 —- a few days before that I noticed that my boobs were super sore… I kept mentioning it to my husband how weird it was that they were hurting so much. I’ve occasionally experienced some tenderness with PMS in the past, but this was VERY different. Another weird thing was earlier that week I had a dream, I can’t remember all the details but I just remember waking up and literally said I’m pregnant….it felt so real. It was the strangest thing and I couldn’t get it out of my head. So days later, on the 28th I was at work, and I just felt like it was time to take a test. I was supposed to get my period that weekend but I was just like…why not just see. So there I am in a Target bathroom waiting the results of this test…a test that I’d taken so many times before… I felt inside that it was going to be negative but, I stood there and waited the 3 minutes… When I turned around I saw two BIG. BOLD. RED LINES.!!! WHAT!!
I was pregnant! Freaking out I called my best friend crying, laughing, in disbelief. It was a crazy day to say the least. Later that day I surprised Evan see the video here.


And now here we are. Im currently in my second trimester, awaiting the new love of our lives. I’ll talk symptoms and all that fun stuff in a later blog (spoiler alert: it’s been rough)… We are so excited for this blessing and can’t wait to meet them this September! More mommy to be posts to come 🙂


Best Wishes,

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